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The stuff from the library set, broken into props.

Book shelves


Two wall props. One with secret passage open.

A backdrop

and a bluescreen floor

Author Sexymaria
Date 12.11.2013
File Size 545.79 KB
Download 856
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Sims 3 : Cinema 01 with real poster

Author Luke kage
Date 16.05.2013
File Size 4.17 MB
Download 1,125
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Sims 3 : Bookstore 01

Author Luke kage
Date 16.05.2013
File Size 4.38 MB
Download 934

Innsmouth place from the game Call of Cthulhu : Dark Corners of the Earth

Author Luke kage
Date 15.05.2013
File Size 8.04 MB
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Wooden barrels... converted from the FPS game Call of Duty 1

Author Frederis
Date 29.04.2012
File Size 218.43 KB
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Author: Dubovets Victor (aka Mr. Vic )

                                                       Size: 31000 KB


Description:   soviet prop cigarette case with high quality textures for close angles camera. 


Installation: Copy archive contents in corresponding folders in a game directory.

Author Dubovets Victor
Date 13.08.2012
File Size 7.26 MB
Download 940

first pack from Tropico 4 :




christ statue



Author luke kage
Date 21.10.2012
File Size 14.65 MB
Download 1,389

Dishonored objects pack 01

* alarm bell

covered chair

covered sofa



2 deads bodys

gazelle trophy

overseer statue

makeup table

pendulum clock


Author luke kage
Date 25.10.2012
File Size 6.75 MB
Download 1,094

A medieval armor suit... converted from the game Call of Duty 1.

Author Frederis
Date 29.04.2012
File Size 556.13 KB
Download 825

A canopy bed... converted from the FPS game Call of Duty 1

Author Frederis
Date 29.04.2012
File Size 487.11 KB
Download 746