New Mods

Two new Props

Today I have two new Props for you:

A Suburban House Prop

and a SciFi Hangar Prop

Harrison's Days online now!

Have you seen my new movie Harrison's Days? 16 Mods from this movie are now available on

Here's a "short" overview:


Alcots little Tavern


big ship


wooden box



medieval house 1

medieval house 2

medieval house 3

old cellar

Saloon Prop

Shipping Company Set

Sky Backdrop Prop

6 Waves Props


Chair Prop, Winter Sets and Backdrops

modding Update:

Some of you might remember the 5 winter sets and 35 backdrops made by Zepster. They were already on this site but as I changed the homepage database I didn't upload them again. This is what I have done now. Sorry for the long time of this absence.

I hope you accept my apology: a new "old looking wooden chair" prop.

5 Winter Sets

35 Winter Backdrops

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Old wooden chair

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