exclamation-circle Exporting in Highest Quality Freezes Game Completely

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Hello I searched and did not see a post about this. I am currently troubleshooting the version of the Movies I found online. I own my old discs but I don’t own a CD player so I had to unfortunately go this route. I remember this working fine and I made movies on it many times back in the day but now when I export (and only at highest) it completely freezes the game(white screen of death). Everything else works okay. I’m wondering if there is a patch or a work around? Can the files be exported by another app? VLC or similar? The export option is extremely important to me. I hope someone knows how to fix this. I have all the latest drivers, I reinstalled windows media player and VLC to see if it was a codec issue. Nothing fixes it so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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