Top 10 of german "The Movies" Films 2010

As part of TheMoviesVision's second annual competition, to which the TMV members were able to submit their collected works from 2010, the annual charts for 2010 were determined by the community.

Here are the leaders:


01. Die Legende von Jack O'Lantern (Günther David)

02. Hat's Dir geschmeckt? (Jonas Niemann)

03. VERBRECHENSORT: Sprich oder stirb (Tom Knoll)

03. Stern im Staub (Folge 4) Erbarmungslos (Stefan Schiml)

05. Endzeit (Marco Lubina)

06. Der Pakt (Marco Lubina)

07. Sherborne (Stefan Schiml)

08. Mystic Survey 6 - Sequenz 01 (Günther David)

09. Der Abgrund in uns (Folge 12) Bekenntnisse (Frenhofer)

10. Hiro20-12 (Daniel Kaplan)