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15 Days left

to enter the fourth Modding Contest.

Here is a short overview of the participants:

  • BlazinMan
  • cwffilms
  • Hans Tond
  • Garudasoul
  • Beowulf71 and MikeDBoing
  • Jason
  • stvndysn
  • werecool
  • TheHappyIsland

I really hope that we will see a new record of submitted contest mods this year. has a new layout has a new layout and many new functions.

For example:

  • You can upload your own mods to this site easily. You just have to be registered.
  • a better download overview with statistics
  • search functions
  • rating functions

Happy New Year

I wish you a Happy New Year!!!

Here is the first Mod in 2008:

Deadspace costume

This is an add-on "Stunts & Effects" costume. This mod adds new textures to the Marine Pilot costume.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! has a littel "present" for you:

About 20 new Mods will soon be downloadable from this site. The last months I worked hard on my Project "Harrison's Days". If you want to know what is coming up in January 2008 take a look into this trailer. has a new design

Today I have three News for you:

1. has a new design! I hope you like it. ;)

2. This site has more than 50.000 visitors.

3. kristianmoric submitted a new mod. Twelve door props to place where you want them.