The Movies Game Instructions on Making your own Movies Right Away

The Movies Game Instructions on Making your own Movies Right Away.

1. Install The Movies and Starmaker
2. Install Stunts & Effects
3.1 Click Start
3.2 Click My Computer
3.3 Click Tools
3.4 Click Folder Options
3.5 Click View
3.5 Select under Hidden Files and Folders "Show Hidden files and Folders" Click Apply then OK
3.6 Close My Computer
3.7 This will let you choose from either; 1930, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 2000 at the start of Sandbox mode.

1. Click 'Start' and then 'Run'
2. Type in 'regedit' (just the text)
3. Click on the names in this order; HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Lionhead Studios Ltd\TheMovies
4. Once you've gone to 'The Movies', double click on 'Allow Any Decade'
5. In the 'Value Data' box, change the '0' to a '1' and then press 'OK'
6. Close the window, start 'The Movies' and enjoy

NOTE: Don't screw around in the Regestry Editor because it can screw up different things.

4. you might have to Play the Game until you win an Award. when you do an Unlocking.ini will be created. you should save and exit the game at this point in time.

5.1 Click Start
5.2 Click My Computer
5.3 Click C: Disk (Sometimes Titled Local Disk (C:))
5.4 Click Documents and Settings
5.5 Click Yourname Folder (the name that you are using as User)
5.6 Click Application Data (Normally a Hidden Folder)
5.7 Click Lionhead Studios
5.8 Click The Movies
5.9 Open the Unlocking.ini File and Delete its Contents. (Keep File Open)
6.0 Type in or Copy and Paste the Following

highest_Decade = 2100

Now you are ready to make some Movies

Start The Movies Game Stunts & Effects Disk should be in the Drive

Select or Click on GAME

Select or Click SANDBOX

Click till Year 2000,
Click till $100,000,000
Click Instant Movie-Making
Click Buildings Instantly Constructed
Click Stars Don't Misbehave
Click Buildings Don't Decay
Never Start with a Prebuild Lot (this uses too Much Space)
(Click or Not) on Stuntmen I'm not sure if there is any Bonus in this or Not.
Never allow Stunt Injuries

Now you may Choose a Logo and name your studio just click on the Name and Backspace to erase the old name and then type in your new one. Click Start Playing.

Lower Left Corner Click Trowel Button then Select Build Facilities
Keeping The Following Buildings as Compact as Possible,
Build a Custom Scriptwriting Office,
Casting Office,
Crew Facility,
Production Office,
Post Production Building
and a Stage School.
( If you have clicked on Stuntmen in 7.3 under Sandbox You Will Have to Build a
Stunt School.)

Now you Have all the Facilities, You need to Build Sets for you Movie to Shoot in Click the Build Sets Button and Select which Sets you want (try to keep space used to a Minimum) You'll want to fit in a Lot of Sets.(trust me)

Move your Cusor over the Custom Scriptwriting Office there you will find a Blank Script Token Left Click and Drag the Token to the Advanced Movie-Maker Room then Lift Click Again. If this is your frist Time, Please Watch the Tutorials, Click Button in the Upper Right Corner ( i ) There are 8 Chapters and several Lessons in each Chapter. If you want to "Dress a Set" You will want to Know about Prop Placing. After selecting a Prop, You may Left Click and Hold While Moving your Mouse this will move a prop or You may Right Click and Hold while moving your mouse and this will change the Height of the Prop's Position. A Fast left Click will set the prop in place. A Fast Right Click will Cancel the prop. To remove an already Set Prop that you have placed, Move the cursor over the prop and a white outline will appear around the prop, (you may have to change a camera position to do this) Then Left Click and Hold, Move Mouse then Right Click and the prop should be gone. If you want to remove a Prop that was in place with the Set, then you can change or remove the prop by Clicking on the "Change Props" Button (Third Button down from the top right Corner of your screen.) You will see a row of pictures of props. Click on a Picture to Change, Remove or Leave the Prop as is, if you change your mind. NOTE: Some Props Cannot be Changed in some Scenes, you might have to find another New Scene and then change the camera angle using the Free Cam Mode. When you Watch the Tutiorials, this will make more Sense.

Here I have to Back track to How you Create Actors, Directors, and Import Stars from StarMaker and I will also have to tell you about Hiring Actors, Directors and Extras from the Stage School.

Frist What is StarMaker? StarMaker is a program installed when you installed The Movies Game, It allows you to make a Star (Actor or Actress) Look like anyone that you can think of even Yourself. and you can import this Star into the Movies by picking up a wantabe Actor from the group of them that are Lined up in front of the Stage School. Then dropping them on the Import Star Room in the Stage School Building. Of course, you already had to have made and saved some StarMaker Stars within StarMaker. ( ONLY Wantabee Actors Can be used to "Import Star" from StarMaker, So don't waste them. Any other employee can be hired for any other job, even Extras.) Just Click and Drag them to a Room in a Building (Crew Facility, Staff Office, Stage School )

You might want more Wantabes and the best way to do this is to use a Mod to Modify the game. I found one called Employeemod by FraasMovies I found it at you just open the 'Data' folder inside the 'employeemod' folder then copy the global text and the facility folder to Start/LocalDiskC:/ProgramFiles/Lionhead Studios/The Movies/Data/PASTE HERE. You might have to rebuild the Stage School if you already have built a Studio. You can get more Crew and Janitors&Builders with this Mod Just Rebuild if Necessary. Only the Stunt School is not affected by the employeemod. ( Another Great Site for Mods is 8EyedBaby )

Much of how to use Starmaker is in the Game Manual (Page 34) that comes with the game, But if you are Just going to use the Star to make your own movies you don't have to worry about the Stars Additude Just Use StarMaker to make a Star Look how you want them to and use the Star Attributes to Adjust their.
LOOKS: this is the skin tone and smoothness of the Star. (you might want to set this before creating the Basic or Advanced Face Modelling.)
CHEST/BREAST SIZE: As far as I know this is the Only way to Change the Actor's or Actress's Pec or Breast Size. The TRIMNESS can be changed in the Wardrobe within the Game so don't waste the Attrbute Points on this. Left over points could be used on their Genre Skill. (The Wardrobe room is the Clothes Hanger Button on the Right side of your Screen when you are "Writing" the Custom Script. Just Click & Drag an Actor/Actress or Extra to the Hanger Button then Release.)

Do Not Worry, you can't mess anything up in StarMaker, Just Have Fun, Play around in it, and Try every Button. You Learn Best By Doing. So Now You Have Written A Script, Now What?

Now you left Click and Drag that Written Script Over to the Casting Office Building and Drop by left clicking again into the Begin Casting Room. If you haven't hired a Crew , Extras if needed, Director or Actors, you can do so now. Once your ready, you Click and Drag the Script to the Shoot It Room. There it will automatically move to the sets to be filmed. The nearly finished film will appear in the parking lot of the Production Office, Take the film to the Post Production Building.

Post Production: There are 5 Chapters of Tutorials ( Upper right button with the (i) ) you should watch all of these. If you Need to Reshoot some movie Scenes you can Exit the Post Production ( upper Left Button ) then drag the film back to the Custom Script Office, then back to the Casting Room and the Shoot It Room then back to Post Production. When your done, save your movie and Export your movies to your Computer, Use the Highest or Best Quality. You can find your Movies under My Documents/The Movies/Movies/YOUR MOVIE IS HERE as a .wma file.

There is no more Online Movies Website but, you can Show your Movie on Myspace or YouTube or even share it as a DVD. you can Start the Windows Movie Maker program or other Movie Editing Software, and Import your movie and then further edit and or add any effects and when your done, Publish Movie to your videos and Upload to your MySpace or YouTube site (my favorite is YouTube.) also if you Publish as a .AVI file you could burn it to a DVD and play it on any regular DVD Player. MOST IMPORTANT HAVE FUN. (smiles)