How To Add Custom Music & Sounds to your Movie

How to add Custom Music & Sound to your Movie.

1. You can add Music and Sound Effects before you start The Movies Game. I assume you have some music you want in your Movie. The Game uses a .ogg  Format for music and a .ogg or .wav Format for Sound Effects. if you have these, then click Start/My Documents/The Movies/ then just place your music in the Movie Music folder and the Sound Effects in the Movie Sounds folder. ( I have had the best results using the .wav format for Sound Effects. ) I use a licensed copy of Switch Sound File Converter from NCH Software, to convert formats. Later, while Playing the Game, when you finish shooting your movie, drag it to the post production building, once in there you can click on the Advanced Features icon, located at the lower left of the screen; It looks like a tv or computer monitor with an arrow pointing up and down. Now if you left click on the row where the music is but,  not on the music itself, a menu of music will appear and your music should be there. Just left click and click OK and your music will appear along the row of music in the movie. If you want to move a song, just left click and hold and then move your mouse left or right. If you want to delete a song, left click on it, then left click on the trash can icon button. The Trash Can Button is on the bottom right of your screen. The Same thing with the Sound Effects, Only they have their own row.

2.  SubTitles can be added to the row marked Abc. left click on the row and will understand.