How to create your own credits for The Movies

After the forum has already asked how to create your own intro, or your own credits, I decided to create a tutorial.

1. Create picture
First, you should consider what is to be seen in the different pictures in the intro.
If you do, create the background image in Photoshop. Best with the size 421x241 pixels. Now you can create what is to be seen in the intro, however, it is true that the picture is not too detailed, because otherwise it does not look good in the game.

2. Move the image to the correct size / orientation
If you have the picture as it should look in the movie, copy it to the attached template. The black field of this template is what you see later in the setting "Static 1" in the set "Stage".
Because you would see the image obliquely, if you leave it normal you have to distort it (Edit> Transform> Distort). Simply move the vertices of your image to the corner points of the black box of the template.
Finally, you should add the background to a uniform color, so if your intro image has a blue background, then create a new layer and fill it with this color and place it under your image, otherwise it may be that in the image Intro white edges are visible.

3. Embed into the game
If you have the picture so far you must bring it into the format (* .dds). Just use a normal DDS-Converter.
Now you have to make sure that you put before your filename a bd_. The file must therefore be called "bd_Titel", not just "title". Now you have to move the file to the correct folder (The Movies / Data / Textures / Backdrops). If the folders do not exist, create them easily.
Now if the pictures are in this folder, you can use them in the game as background.

4. In the game
Select the set "Stage" and there the scene "Static 1". Now go to the right side on background picture, now you should be in the list of the inserted images are located. They are all capitalized there (for example "BD_TITEL"). Now select the desired background, it should now be beautifully straight and easy to recognize. If your own backgrounds are not in the list simply makes a restart of the game ...
That's it. In the post-production you can now bring your own intro pictures into the desired order and the standard intro can be deleted as a normal scene and you already have your own intro.