SFX: landscape tutorial

Since the add-on there is the landscape set. Pettre explained in the forum how to create own backdrops for it.

For everyone, I do it step-by-step incl. Gimp etc.
Of course you need The Movies and the Addon Stunts & Effects.

1.) First of all you need a graphic editing program. Gimp is particularly suitable for this purpose. Gimp is free and can do pretty much anything Photoshop can do. At least more than you will need. You can download it at the following address: http://www.chip.de/downloads/c1_downloads_12992070.html
This version is the most recent and also in German.

2.) Secondly you need the DDS plugin. With it you can also open .dds files. These files are often used in The Movies. It is also free of charge and available at the following address:

3.) After you have both installed, open Gimp. Then go to "File / New". Then select the resolution 1024 * 256px. Before clicking "OK", you go to "Advanced Settings" and choose "Transparency" under "Filling". Then you confirm.

4.) The next step is your own landscape. It consists of 4 different landscape parts. The rear is the largest and usually a complete backdrop. All others are only painted below and transparent above, so you can also see the UFOs, etc. The 4 parts are getting smaller and smaller from back to front.

5.) You can actually do everything you want! It is only important that the edge on the left side is the same height as on the right side so that it can run like an endless loop.

6.) If you have the 4 landscapes, you only have to save and import them. In the following directory: ".../The Movies/Data/Textures/miniatures" under the name "mbp_your-name_v00.dds". The second one ends with "... v01.dds" and the subsequent ones with "... v02.dds" and "... v03.dds".

I wish you much success!

Tutorial: Pettre