Trouble Shooting Mods

I have Found that placing Data folder to data folder then overwriting Doesn't always work.

The way that I do it is by opening each folder under the data folder and copy all the files under each Folder and then pasting the files into each same named folder in the C:/Program Files/Lionhead Studios Ltd/The Movies/Data/ (Files from Meshes Folder into Folders Meshes, Files from Setdressing into Setdressing Folder ..etc)

This usually Works for all Props, Costumes, sets, Backdrops..etc

If you have Trouble look at propblueprint.ini file. Sometimes the data is messedup here.


These should be Whole Numbers, like for Example, Catagory = 9 ; Menutype = 0
and trickiness is almost always a Fraction like 0.5
Maxinstances Usually is 1 but I've seen it  other numbers, like -1 and it still works.
given is Usually 1
researchable Usually 0
ETA should be the Earliest Year 1930
Path = group_some name here
Purchasecost = 1.00
If your prop doesn't work or acts Strangely, Changing these Numbers might Help.
If you see Numbers that are Long like 4.9999999 these usually need to be rounded off
to a Whole Number.
Good luck, glen496