simple texture modding

You would like to have other wallpapers and floors in a set? We briefly explain how it works.

Texture modding (focus on costumes)

This requires:

- the MED (MoviesEDitor) or reshoot (there is also a tutorial on TheMovies3D)
- the DDS plugin from nvidia that can be used in Photoshop or the Paint Shop Pro for example.

With the MED or reshoot you can easily unpack the texture files (ending = .dds)!

The DDS files (texture files) can be changed in Photoshop or with Paint Shop Pro as desired.

In order to see them in the game you have to create the directory "Textures". (Programs/Lionhead Studios Ltd/The Movies/Data/Textures)

In this folder you have to create the folders from which you edited the DDS files. (E.g., backdrops, props, accessories, costumes)

Ther you have to save the edited files. Now they are built into the game and seen in the movies.

To avoid overwriting existing costumes, you can create your own costumes. If, for example, The texture, there are other files that are numbered up to Your new one must then be named This allows you to choose between the college jackets 6 variants instead of 5.

What I had forgotten, costumes and other textures must be saved with the dds-setting "dxt3" and "generate mip maps".